ALIS is an intelligent-innovative platform that enables businesses to deliver their services across various channels through automated intelligent conversations. The technology enables to provide the best customer care experience 24/7. This bot could be the differentiator between you and your competitors. Today, conversational AI is rapidly evolving and ALIS creates a unique model for transforming your business by providing the best customer care. It can be easily integrated into your workplace and also provides more balance to it. Even more, the AI machine that powers ALIS creates a precise context driven conversation architecture, providing businesses with an efficient dynamic engagement via the web, mobile, chat, voice or IoT-enabled devices.

We Create automation experience that makes Businesses SMART

Customer Support

With the power of the best AI/NLP framework, ALIS enables your team to interact with your customers like never before.

Intelligent Business

With the ability to analyze any type of content helps in understanding the motive of your customers better.

Lead Generation

With ALIS, it is always business hour as the conversational agent is active all the time.

Internal Process

By effortlessly integrating with your existing system, ALIS automates all the internal processes saving valuable time.

We build AI Conversational Bots for Digital platforms

  • Web

    Customers are observed to have a liking towards a website that offers a proactive chat. Make your website more active than ever before.

  • Enterprise

    With NLP, task execution, multi-channel capabilities, ALIS meets all the requirements enabling to have a robust platform.

  • Social Media

    No matter what is your business, ALIS helps you to form long-lasting relationships with your well-wishers and potential clients.

  • IoT Enabled

    Having an IoT enabled bot means you don’t have to download multiple apps as it integrates everything with the click of a button.

  • Business Applications

    ALIS helps you to integrate different applications so that different teams can be united, which invariably increases the productivity.

Leveraging customer experience with Intelligent Bots

  • Hello, I’m Alis, an AI-powered chat assistant. How may I help you? 2 mins ago
  • Hey, I want to buy a watch 2 mins ago
  • That is a cool stuff, I can help you with it.
    Do you have any specific choice in mind?

    Price RangeBrandMode

    2 mins ago
  • Price Range 2 mins ago
  • $50$50 - $100Above $100

    1 min ago
  • $50 - $100 1 min ago
  • Cool, there are quite many options within this range. Here are few brand suggestions for you

    Tag HeuerCasioFossilTissot More...

    1 min ago
  • Fossil 1 min ago
  • Awesome, that’s a great choice :) Let me show you some options
    Automatic Issue Field ... Automatic Issue Field ... Automatic Issue Field ... Automatic Issue Field ... 1 min ago
  • Hey, are these smartwatches or Analogue watches? 1 min ago
  • The trend is smartwatches and these are all smartwatches, do you want suggestions on Analogue watches from Fossil. 1 min ago
  • No 1 min ago
  • Alright, do you like any of the above suggestions;
    Automatic Issue Field ... Automatic Issue Field ... Automatic Issue Field ... Automatic Issue Field ... 1 min ago
  • Watch 1 is looking good 1 min ago
  • Yes, that is Fossil Machine Chronograph Black Dial Men's Watch - FS4487
    Dial Color: Black, Case Shape: Round, Dial Glass Material: Mineral Band Color: Black: Band Material: Silicone Watch Movement Type: Quartz, Watch Display Type: Chronograph Case Material: Stainless Steel, Case Diameter: 45 millimetres, Stainless Steel Bezel Water Resistance Depth: 50 meters, Buckle Clasp Warranty type: Manufacturer; 2 Years International Warranty Can I add to the card?
    1 min ago
  • Yes, please 1 min ago
  • Let me ask you something, Is this a gift to someone special? if so, I can wrap it with greetings\ written on top :)


    1 min ago
  • No 1 min ago
  • Great, I have added it to your cart, checkout and complete the payment. Congratulations on the new watch.
    Alright, thank you for the purchase just now
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Technology that powers Alis

ALIS is an open-source natural language processing device that is powered by AI. With Machine Learning capabilities, they keep learning and improving themselves, making it the most important addition to your workplace. It only takes a button to integrate with your system, and your customers enjoy service like never before.

  • Machine Learning and AI

    A machine learning conversational AI with an engine build in Python enables to understand and respond in several languages. It also enables the bot to respond like a human making it as realistic as possible.

  • Natural Language Processing

    When it comes to understanding a customer, ALIS’ NLP engine is able to detect the exact context of a conversation. The bot’s deep learning technology helps it easily make clear obvious and non-obvious statements.

  • Entity Relation Extraction

    ALIS’ NLP engine recognizes customer’s speech and does the necessary action. It is also able to detect if more details and inputs are needed to provide a comprehensive service. This way, it provides the best entity relation extraction.

  • Deep Learning

    ALIS asks the customer important questions which are relevant and that which a human may forget. Its deep learning capabilities make it error-free, and also increases the productivity.

AI Bots for different Business Cases

Real Estate Agent
Appointment Bookings
Shopping Assistant
Hotel Booking
Lead Generation
HRM Automation
Real Estate customer support
TeleHealth Service
Customer Support
Travel Planning Assistant
Feedback Collection
Employee feedback
Mortgage Survey
Doctors Feedback
Shipment Tracking
Customer Feedback
General Information
Process Automation
Rental Support
Department Automation
Internal Automation
Food Ordering
Event Marketing
Meeting Scheduler
Real Estate
InHouse Automation

Steps involved in shaping your digital assistant

ALIS is your ideal partner as its digital assistance brings the much-needed balance in your workplace. Your customer can experience this personalized care across multiple channels. Even more, the data collected can be downloaded in any format, making your job that much easier. The technology is so sophisticated that it is the next best thing to a human.

  • 1

    Determine the Role of the Bot and Set Goals

    This tried and tested technology comes with a lot of pre-existing knowledge. It also keeps learning continuously. Hence, ALIS is able to take significant decisions at the appropriate time that will help it to achieve the pre-defined goals.

  • 2

    Evaluate and Pick a Channel

    You never know who can be your next client. They may be someone who communicates with you from social media or sends you a query through SMS. Our bot can integrate with any channel that makes a conversation possible.

  • 3

    Create the Conversational Architecture

    ALIS has the ability to understand what works with a particular person. It constructs its responses based on these studies so that there is more chance to get a response from the other end.

  • 4

    Design Dialog Flows and Storyboards

    With a detailed design dialog flow and storyboards, the bot is equipped to make variations of the same message with different words. This random prompting factor is what helps to make the conversations real.

  • 5

    Pick a Platform and a Development Approach

    Our bot can be customized to suit an approach that best fits your business. You can choose to make it function from a set of rule that stretches from top to bottom or use machine learning algorithms that make it adjust the task spontaneously.

  • 6

    Implement the Dialogue Flow And Engineer The NLU

    When a platform based on machine learning is chosen, example sentences for each juncture need to be provided. ALIS is provided with so many examples that one can’t fathom. We have created it in such a way that it meets every possible intent.

  • 7

    Internal Testing and Revision Of The Conversations

    ALIS is perhaps the most tested and revised conversational AI available in the market today. We have reached a level of accuracy that was always reckoned to be impossible. This makes ALIS a force to reckon with and the future of conversational bots.

  • 8

    Early Deployment and Revisions

    Despite so many tests being done, we didn’t take a seat back as the bot gets deployed. We have reworded the responses of the bot when the customer asks one too many after already conveying them the scenario. We have also added new cases that cover all the requests.

Bot Development Platforms We Use

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