The huge popularity of Artificial Intelligence-powered smart voice assistants like Amazon Echo and Google Home proves that voice is the technology of the future. Voice assistant is a digital assistant that uses voice recognition, speech analysis, and natural language processing to provide service through a typical application. Voice Assistant Technology enables customers to access information and completes tasks without having to press a button.  The significance of Voice Assistant Technology will increase in the upcoming years too since 50% of all searches will be voice-based by 2050. The introduction of Voice Assistant Technology has transformed the way in which customers interact with the brand. Amazon is a torchbearer of innovation in the voice assistant market and there are about thirty thousand third party skills on the Alexa skill store for different operations. 

Tour and travel bookings by Expedia, ecommerce customer care by Trantor, Hotel & Hospitality by Amazon and Marriot, finance/asset management by Capital One, and Home Healthcare by Orbita are some Alexa based skills that enrich customer experience in different industries. Voice interactions with Artificial Intelligence-powered tools have become ubiquitous in the contemporary internet age. Many forms of customer service are designed around voice assistant technology platforms like Amazon Alexa. Voice recognition technologies like chatbots and virtual customer agents transform customer experience in a novel fashion. Implementation of voice technology paves the way towards boosting customer happiness and increasing customer loyalty. 

The resplendent victory of Voice Assistant Technology in customer experience is beneficial for both companies and customers. The best feature of Voice Assistant Technology is that it can be combined with other forms of interaction like voice plus screen and voice plus movement detection. Voice recognition enabled bots, also called as chatbots, are designed to interact conversationally with human beings. Bots make use of conversational Artificial Intelligence in handling customer service tasks like answering product related questions and presenting the customer with up-sell opportunities. It is a well-accepted fact that the future of customer interaction lies in voice technology and the utility of voice assistant technology in personal and business realms will grow as voice assistant become more robust. 

Voice Interactions with AI-Powered Tools 

ALIS Voice assistant technology is widely used in automobile, retail, education, healthcare, and telecommunication environments. Instant, relevant and easy customer experience offered by Voice Assistant AI tools made them popular with businesses. 

ALIS Voice Assistant Technology impacts the way customers interact with retailers and it ensures that customer service is cohesive across the brand. Advanced natural language processing capabilities will make chatbots the new user interface of today. Conversational AI has become an absolute necessity in the retail industry with the growing demand for voice-enabled technologies. According to technology masterminds, smart voice assistants powered by Artificial Intelligence drive consumer convenience. Consumers all over the world have gracefully embraced Voice Assistant Technology and the ability to multitask makes Voice Assistant Technology quite popular among consumers. The list of well-known voice assistant bots includes Alexa, Siri, Google Duplex, Google assistant and auditory chatbots. Voice Assistant Technology is the future of customer support, customer service, and overall customer experience.

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